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Summer Concert at Akureyri Church - Corpo di Strumenti with Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson

21. July 2019 kl. 17:00 - 21. July 2019 kl. 18:00

Love thinks that I am sleeping
The chello players of Corpo di Strumenti along with beloved tenor Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson perform 17th century music from Italy, France and England. Additionally they will also premiere two new Icelandic songs in the concert.

The barok group, Corpo di Strumenti has performed many times in festivals all around Iceland and in France. Music from the 17th century is their favorite and they are delighted to be able to perform their favorite music with Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson. Eyjólfur has performed in operas and concerts all around the world. He has also been active in the vibrant Icelandic folk music scene where he performs on the Icelandic folk instrument ‘langspil’. Eyjólfur was recently nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards in the category singer of the year.
Steinunn Arnbjörg Stefánsdóttir is a composer and poet and recently published her second book of poetry titled: FUGL/BLUPL. Corpo di strumenti has a indípopp-alter-ego under the name SÜSSER TROST, and they recently released a new album, Ljúfa huggun/Sweet comfort with Steinunn’s songs.
The group can be found online at the website: corpodistrumenti.org
Or on Facebook as Corpo di Strumenti/ SÜSSER TROST.

Corpo Di Strumenti will perform on July 21. at 5pm.
No entrance fee.


Alskýjað NNV NNV 3m / s
  • Innsíða 2016 - loftmynd skemmtiferðaskip

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Rósenborg, Skólastíg 2
600 Akureyri
Sími +354 450 1050
Kennitala 410169-6229
akureyrarstofa (at) akureyri.is

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