Hiking Weeks (June/July)

Hiking Weeks (June/July) Annual hiking weeks with different hikes in and around Akureyri. Varied levels ranging from 2-4 hours.

Hiking Weeks (June/July)

Hiking Week of the Touring Club of Akureyri 18th-22nd of June 2019

Tuesday 18th June.  Leyningshólar woodland.  Price: ISK 1500. Departure at 19:00 from FFA Strandgata 23

Wednesday 19th June. Vaglaskógur forest. Price: ISK 1500. Departure at 19:00 from FFA Strandgata 23

Thursday 20th June. Summer Solstice at Múlakolla.  Price: ISK 3500. The hike is 8 km. Departure at 20:00 from FFA Strandgata 23. 

Friday 21st June. Kristnesskógur forest.  Price: ISK 1500. Departure at 19:00 from FFA Strandgata 23

Saturday 22nd June. Midsummer Night´s Hike - Haus on Staðarbyggðarfjall mountain. Price: ISK 3500. The hike is 2 km. Departure at 22:00 from FFA Strandgata 23 

For further information about the hiking program: Akureyri Touring Club. www.ffa.is




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