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Parking: Parking in Akureyri is free of charge but you need a clock-card where you set the time of arrival. Parking areas have maximum parking times

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Parking: Parking in Akureyri is free of charge but you need a clock-card where you set the time of arrival. Parking areas have maximum parking times displayed. You set the clock to show your time of arrival and if you exceed the maximum parking (or try to cheat by setting the clock ahead of the actual time) you run the risk of a fine. The clock-cards are available for free in banks, info-centers, hotels, petrol-stations and many shops in Akureyri. In case you don’t find a clock-card, write the time of parking on a piece of paper and display it in the front window of the car. 

Note that clock-cards only apply for the town center. The free parking time is different according to each area ranging from 15 minutes up to several hours.

Camping / overnights stays
Note that camping with motor homes, vans, tents ect. is not allowed within the town limits of Akureyri except on camping sites. There are two camping sites in Akureyri: one at Hamrar (by Kjarnaskógur woods) and one in town at Þórunnarstæti (by Akureyri Icelandair hotel). The campsite at Hamrar is open all year (with full service May till September and reduced service other months). Campsite Þórunnarstræti is open from (aprox 10th of June till end of August). Further information

In Akureyri all transport with the local city-bus (SVA) is free of charge. The buses drive from 7.20 to 21.13 weekdays and from 12.49 to 18.13 weekends and holidays. All schedules start and end at the same spot - in the city center, making a route of aprox 30 minutes. The bus timetable. A map of the bus schedule.  Note Miðbær means CityCenter.

Usefull documents and lists:
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Activities & opening hours Christmas and New Year 2018-2019
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* What's On - published each Thursday on FB visit akureyri
What's new - a list of new services, companies ect within tourism.


* Weather information: ,
* Safe Travel:
* Exchange Rate: (Central Bank of Iceland)
* Road Conditions:

Medical information
Hospital in Akureyri: Eyrarlandsvegur, Tel: (+354) 463-0100
Health Center(Heilsugæslan): Hafnarstræti 99, Tel: (+354) 460 4600
Emergency number: 112

Police: Þórunnarstræti 138, Tel: 444 2800

* Accommodation all over Iceland:
* Airport and flights (Domestic): 
* Car rentals:

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