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GrŠni Hatturinn: Dirty Cello - American Rock and Blues

8. j˙lÝ 2019 kl. 21:00 - 8. j˙lÝ 2019 kl. 23:00

The Dirty Cello band travels the world performing classic blues, from the American South and Hard Rock from the 60ĺs, 70ĺs, and Ĺ80ĺs. On Monday, 8 July, the band will make their first appearance in Iceland. Led by cellist Rebecca Roudman, who has performed with Carlos Santana, Deltron 3030, Joan Baez, Isaac Hayes, and many more, the Dirty Cello band is high energy, blues and rock like youĺve never seen before. ôDirty Celloĺs music is all over the map: funky, carnival, romantic, sexy, tangled, electric, fiercely rhythmic, and textured, and only occasionally classical.ö Lou Fancher, Oakland Magazine.

VNV VNV 1m / s 11.7°
  • InnsÝ­a 2016 - Eyrin

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Rˇsenborg, SkˇlastÝg 2
600 Akureyri
SÝmi 450 1050
Kennitala 410169-6229
akureyrarstofa (hjß)

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