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Myndlistarsřning - Mak JŘrgen Ý Kaktus

1. desember 2019 kl. 14:00 - 1. desember 2019 kl. 17:00

F÷studagskv÷ldi­ 29. nˇvember opnar baskneski listama­urinn Mak JŘrgen sřninguna I Miss The Days Chasing Lights Ý Kaktus. Ůessi fallega sřning, helgu­ Ýslenskum vitum, er innblßsin af veru Maks hÚr ß landi, ■ar sem hann hefur leita­ ljˇssins og sjßlfs sÝn Ý lei­inni.
Nßnari upplřsingar og ums÷gn um sřninguna er finna hÚr a­ ne­an ß ensku. A­ vanda eru allir velkomnir, lÚttar veitingar Ý bo­i og smß ljˇs Ý sßlina ß ■essum myrka ßrstÝma.

I Miss The Days Chasing Lights is an exhibition shaped as a showcase of the creative process behind a book called Vitar (lighthouses in Icelandic) to be published on January next year.

In the book, and by extension the exhibition, the author explores, using photography and poetry, the thoughts and feelings developed introspectively on repeated trips around Iceland.

With lighthouses as a conductive figure and inspiration for these trips, frequently driving his steps to remote destinations amongst a dreamlike landscape and under the not-always such gentle weather of the island, Mak JŘrgen compiled a collection of images and texts reflecting emotions from inside to outside and vice-versa.

The factors that make this process a special travel for the audience also emerge from the aim of working as much as possible with analog and handmade techniques. All the photographs exposed are shot on film, develop and enlarged by the artist. This process brings an ideal opportunity to transcribe onto images a certain charm and emotional implication while showing a struggle with imperfections and a unique feeling for each of the prints. This emotional implication and intimist experience itĺs enhanced by the poems, giving an even deeper view into the soul of the artist.

With this project, the artist performs an exercise of crafting with light, giving the complete experience of an artisan showcase greater feeling than a collection of
pictures alone.

**Mak JŘrgen, born in the Basque Country and based in Iceland, where he has spent the last three years and a half, has always shown a creative inquisitiveness. In his early years, he focused his interest on drawing and painting, but for the last few years he has developed a passion for photography and writing. He became involved in this project over the last years on a search for light and self discovery.

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