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Skjaldavik Guesthouse

Guesthouse Skjaldavik
IS-601 Akureyri
Phone: (+354) 552 5200 , (+354) 895 5200
E-mail: skjaldarvik@skjaldarvik.is
Website: http://skjaldavik.is

Skjaldarvik guesthouse has 19 comfortable rooms with shared bathrooms and showers. Rooms vary in size and setup. The larger rooms have beds as well as sofa beds in order to accommodate 3-4 persons. Each room has its own look and charm, but the quality is always the same. There is a comfortable lounge, a bar with TV, and library.

The gift shop has beautiful and unusual items. Everyone can find something interesting. The best way to find out is of course, to visit and take a look.

Skjaldavik offers quaint and cozy accommodations close to Akureyri. In Skjaldarvik guesthouse the choices are endless. You can enjoy peace and quiet in a comfortable environment, relax in the hot tub or maybe go horseback riding. You will enjoy wonderful food and the friendly atmosphere created by the host family. 



Further info

E-mail: skjaldarvik@skjaldarvik.is
Website: http://skjaldavik.is