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Concert Party in Hof with Þau

Concert Party in Hof with Þau

Concert party in Hof. Þau perform new and exciting music to the poetry of northern poets!

Þau celebrate the release of their second album "ÞEIR taka Norðurland" with a spectacular concert in Hof on Thursday 26 October.

Þau will perform brand new songs bringing the poetry of poets from North Iceland to life. The brilliance of Davíð Stefánsson from Fagraskógur, Hulda, Ólöf frá Hlöðum, Anna Ágústsdóttir and other poets gain new life in quality musical performances with a twist of rock, pop, jazz and blues.

The concert is a continuation of the concert series "ÞEIR taka Vestfirði" which has received great reviews in recent years.

The band is composed of Rakel Björk Björnsdóttir who has established a reputation as an actress and singer, e.g. in the City Theatre where she performed in the shows 9 Lives, Matilda and Room 4.1, and Garðar Borgþórsson guitarist and percussionist who has performed with bands such as Ourlives and Different Turns as well as composed music for numerous theatrical productions.

Come to a concert and let them surprise you!

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The event is supported by the BUDDING Art Fund, which is a collaboration between Akureyri Town, the Hof Cultural Society and the Akureyri Cultural Society.

Thursday, October 26
Menningarhúsið Hof, Strandgata, Akureyri