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Best place in Europe 2015!

Akureyri tops Lonely Planet┤s list of ten best places to visit in Europe 2015. Lonely Planet's review tells you amongst other things that Akureyri is an easy-going place and a great base for exploring the north's green pastures, fishing villages, mudpots, waterfalls, ski fields and whale-filled bays. Read the full review.

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Comedy Show: Let's Talk Arctic

Let┤s talk Arctic is a historical comedy show in the Cultural Center HOF performed in English. It tells youáall you need to know about the history of Iceland and Icelanders from its settlement until present day. We emphasis on the northern part of Iceland and tell you about the local environment of Eyjafj÷r­ur. Click HERE.

  • Gili­ afmŠli
  • KlassÝk
  • Skri­j÷klar
  • Krakkar mi­bŠr
  • 200.000 naglbÝtar
  • Bj÷rg
  • Kalli Írvars og Hvanndals

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The Family Festival "Ein me­ ÷llu"

The main theme is one of romance with a dash of nostalgia. However there should be something for everyone. The name means literally "One with everything", which is the most popular order when buying an Icelandic hot dog!á During the festival, a variety of entertainment can be enjoyed by all. There is an open air concert downtown Akureyri every night. To view the program.


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Summer Arts Festival 2015

Summer Artĺs Festival in Akureyri, June 12th ľ September 6th 2015, is a platform for artists to present their art. Summer Artĺs Festival was for many years a framework for art-events in Akureyri and will now be revived with similar focus. Gu­r˙n ١rsdˇttir is the projectĺs manager. Those interested should apply through

NNV NNV 2m / s 7.7°

Lonely planet

Menningarhúsinu Hofi
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Kennitala 410169-6229

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