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Green Consumption

In Akureyri you can find a selection of second hand and vintage stores.

The Red Cross operates a clothing store in Viðjulundur 2 and it is open on weekdays from 13- 17.

Across the street from the Red Cross, Hrísalundur 1b, you will find another secondhand store called Hertex.

Flóra is a concept store, located in Hafnarstræti 90, which sells creative design ware and handicrafts. The store supports the local cultural scene. In the shop there is a variety of selection from small-scale producers, artists, designers, homemakers, farmers and other creative people

Fjölsmiðjan is a community center for young people that has a kitchen and a market. The market sells used household items donated by companies. You can find a mix of vintage items as well as brand new supplies. Fjölsmiðjan also has an electronics center where old electronics have been donated and some have been restored by staff. The  market is open between 10:00-16:00 on weekdays. 

Fornbókabúðin is a second-hand bookstore located just across the street from the Akureyri Art Museum. The bookstore has a great collection from classic Icelandic literature and comic books to newer pocketbooks. With books heavily stacked and filling the space, you never know what you will find at this popular bookstore.