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80 years anniversary

Akureyri church which is the most prominent landmark in town is celebrating its 80 years anniversary today.

The blue hours

The Cultural house Hof during the twilight time.

Scenic hikes

After just about an hours hike one can be awarded with a great view of the fjord and Akureyri.

Back to School 2020

This week it is school start in Iceland for all children aged 6 to 16, including all 8 schools in Akureyri Municipality

Biking festival

The annual biking festival begins today and ends on Sunday with various races and events.

New bridge across the river

From the opening of a new bridge inaugurated in the beginning of July. This bridge is a part of an outdoor recreational area of the delta of the river Eyjafjarðará which is the main river in the valley of Eyjafjörður some 5 minutes’ drive outside town’s centre.