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Biking festival

The annual biking festival begins today and ends on Sunday with various races and events.

New bridge across the river

From the opening of a new bridge inaugurated in the beginning of July. This bridge is a part of an outdoor recreational area of the delta of the river Eyjafjarðará which is the main river in the valley of Eyjafjörður some 5 minutes’ drive outside town’s centre.

The church steps

We do much appreciate the work of our gardening-team which is working hard in tidying and planting flowers around in town.

Harlequin ducks

The harlequin duck (Histrionicus histrionicus) takes its name from a colourfully dressed character in Commedia dell'arte.

Spring cleaning

Great weather (+18°C) to clean the duck-pond and the surrounding area and to make the flowerbeds ready for the summer flowers.


The beauty of the springtime, courtship rituals, nest building, mating, nesting and the first eggs.

A lot of light

The sunrise is at approx 4.30 AM and sunset at 10.00 PM. This means 16.5 hours of daylight and 4 hours of twilight

The Evening Glow

The glow of the sunset and the soft twilight colors in the sky can be quite awesome - these paddlers took a tour on the fjord last night around 23.00.