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Important information for tourists in Iceland about COVID-19

All tourists are welcome to Iceland and we hope you will have a pleasant stay. There are no travel restrictions in place. Nevertheless it is important for everyone to take good care of their health and wash hands thoroughly. Here is an important notice from the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

Frosty days

In the past days frost has been dominating and last Sunday it went as high as - 14°C resulting in beautiful frosty landscape.

Summer job by the Arctic Circle

It is not common to find available jobs on Iceland's northernmost part - on island Grímsey - by the Arctic Circle.

Great outdoor conditions

During the past days we have enjoyed calm weather with light frost, optimal conditions for activities outdoors. In the alpine ski area of Mt. Hlíðarfjall

Humpbacks all year

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service just published news about whales close to Akureyri.

A beautiful visitor

This weekend this beautiful visitor, a bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus) took a rest in front of Hof Cultural and Conference house.

December record snowfall in Akureyri

The precipitation last December in Akureyri was three times higher than in an average year. It was the highest since the beginning of registration in 1928. Yes, we are not short of snow and the ski season has begun!

Puffins using tool are surprising scientists

A puffin on Grímsey island, caught on camera using a stick to scratch its body, is featured in a new issue of the scientific journal PNAS , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Storm is coming

At the beginning of the storm which visited us last night.

Skiing in Mt. Hlíðarfjall

The ski season is on in Mt. Hlíðarfjall. For information about the area, opening hours, ski-rental and ski-school visit their web page.