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Snowflake bread

Laufabrauð, also known as "leaf bread" or "snowflake bread," is a traditional Icelandic Christmas bread.

The Yule Lads

These are 13 different figures from Icelandic folklore and are the Icelandic version to Santa Claus.

Snow all over

The winter is surely here. By the 1st of December, there is snow everywhere

November has been good

November weather has been good in the North of Iceland, even though it is the sixth week of winter there has hardly been any snow on the fields.

Lights on the Christmas tree

There will be a festive moment at the Town Hall Square on Saturday, when the lights will be turned on the town's Christmas tree.

Good autumn in Grímsey

The weather has been exceptionally good north of the Arctic Circle for the past few weeks—sunny and calm day after day.

Fiske Celebrations

On last Saturday, the Fiske-Celebration took place in Grímsey, as is the custom every year.