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Good autumn in Grímsey

The weather has been exceptionally good north of the Arctic Circle for the past few weeks—sunny and calm day after day.

possible impending volcanic eruption

Due to heightened seismic activity in the Reykjanes Peninsula in southern Iceland, Visit Iceland has provided relevant information. Here are some key points to note: The seismic activity is confined to a specific area. Currently, there is no volc...

Fiske Celebrations

On last Saturday, the Fiske-Celebration took place in Grímsey, as is the custom every year.

Lonely Planet recommends Hrísey

"The small island of Hrisey is a 15-minute ferry ride from the North Iceland village of Árkógssandur, but it’s a world away from the hustle of the Ring Road.

How to get here

  • There are several airlines flying directly to Akureyri which is the easiest way of visiting, but flying to the main airport Keflavík in the south of Iceland is also an option and then either take a flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri which takes about 40 minutes or drive/take a bus for aprox 4.5-6 hours along main road 1.  More information here.