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Snow figures of all kinds

In times of social distancing many families choose to be on the safe side and spend time outside in the gardens with their kids.

Icelandic horses warm winter coat

The Icelandic horse originally arrived to Iceland aboard Viking ships of Norse settlers sometime between 860 and 935 AD. Here it remained in isolation from other breeds and adapted to cold climates e.g. with a double layered coat which keeps them warm in harsh weather.

Great weather cont.

The great winter weather just continues, making a great Sunday even greater. Time to spend outdoors, meet friends/family and/or simply just relax!


Awesome - winter is really fun on days like this. New snow, calm weather and sun are a great mixture to invite to great days outdoors.

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Berglind H. Helgadóttir

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Hi, my name is Berglind H. Helgadóttir and I live in Akureyri with my husband. I love outdoor activities, nature and travelling and I'm rarely seen without my camera. For the next few weeks I will show you Akureyri through my eyes.

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How to get here

  • The flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri takes about 40 minutes and 4-5 hours to drive. The city busses are free of charge and we have no parking meters, just remember to get a parking-clock, available at the tourist information in HOF, at banks, some shops and gasoline stations. 

    The Road to Akureyri