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Nacreous clouds

This special phenomenon occurs mainly at high latitudes during the winter when temperatures in the stratosphere fall below the frost point.

A cold December

The last December was unusually cold across Iceland. In Akureyri, the average temperature was -5.3 degrees, 4.6 degrees below the average for the last ten years.

Happy New Year

The Little Fisherman by Knut Skinnerland. The statue stands by the Hof Cultural & Conference Center and was a gift from the Norwegian friendship town Ålesund

New Years Bonfire and Fireworks

The annual bonfire and fireworks on New Year's Eve will take place at 20.30, just above town at Réttarhvammur.

How to get here

  • The flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri takes about 40 minutes and 4-5 hours to drive. The city busses are free of charge. In the city center you have to pay for parking. More information here.

    The Road to Akureyri