What's happening

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The puffins have arrived

Since around April 3rd, fishermen have spotted puffins at sea near Grímsey.

Spring around the corner

While winter has not completely left us, spring is just around the corner.

Winter still present

Winter still has a grip on us up here, and there is plenty of snow for everyone .

The Easter Program

Easter in Akureyri promises a delightful blend of tradition and festivity.

How to get here

  • There are several airlines flying directly to Akureyri which is the easiest way of visiting, but flying to the main airport Keflavík in the south of Iceland is also an option and then either take a flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri which takes about 40 minutes or drive/take a bus for aprox 4.5-6 hours along main road 1.  More information here.