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Akureyri Art Museum

In Akureyri Art Museum several exhibitions ranging from classic paintings to sculptures and more are available from 12 noon - 5 pm daily.

New Volcanic Eruption

A volcanic eruption started in the afternoon of 3rd August 2022 in a 100m crack down Merardalir by Fagradalsfjall on Reykjanes peninsula. 

Akureyri Geothermal Pool

Geothermal power is a clean source of renewable energy.

Merchants Weekend

Verslunarmannahelgi or Merchants Weekend is celebrated 28th July to 1st August all over Iceland.

How to get here

  • The flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri takes about 40 minutes and 4-5 hours to drive. The city busses are free of charge and we have no parking meters, just remember to get a parking-clock, available at the tourist information in HOF, at banks, some shops and gasoline stations. 

    The Road to Akureyri