What's happening

This one's for you


The ferry is back on schedule

Visitors want to access the island's stunning natural landscapes, diverse birdlife, cultural heritage as well as the midnight sun.

Fishermen's Day

A day celebrated on the first Sunday in June each year - this year it is 4th June 2023

More visitors due to wind

Storming weather has caused change in schedule by 4 cruisships currently visiting us

Spring bringer

Iceland’s favorite bird the golden plover (heiðlóa or lóa in icelandic).

How to get here

  • There are several airlines flying directly to Akureyri which is the easiest way of visiting, but flying to the main airport Keflavík in the south of Iceland is also an option and then either take a flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri which takes about 40 minutes or drive/take a bus for aprox 4.5-6 hours along main road 1.  More information here.