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How to Get There: International

Directs flights to Akureyri

* Voigt Travel: Offers direct flights between Holland and Akureyri part of the year (summer and winter).
Summer 2023 the flights are once a week on Mondays from 5th June - 28th August.  www.voigt-travel.nl

* Edelweiss: The airline offers direct flights between Zurich and Akureyri in July and August. The flights are once a week, to Akureyri on Fridays and back to Zurich on Saturdays. For more details and booking visit www.flyedelweiss.com

* Travelagency Tur: Offers direct flights between Akureyri and Faroe island par of the year (winter)

Flights to Iceland
Many airlines offer scheduled routes to Iceland - to Keflavík International Airport (in south of Iceland) from destination all over e.g. Europe and USA. 
A list of airlines and destinations can be viewed on Keflavik Airports homepage
Icelandair: www.icelandair.is
Play: www.flyplay.com
WizzAir: www.wizzair.com
SAS: www.flysas.com
Easy Jet: www.easyjet.com
British Airwaves: www.britishairways.com
Vueling Airlines: www.vueling.com

Domestic travel:
When arriving in the south to Iceland - there are several options for the travel north to Akureyri.
Drive or take a bus/taxi to Reykjavík city and from there to Akureyri via Reykjavík domestic airport to Akureyri airport (a 40 min flight) or by road (aprox 400 km/4.5 - 6 hrs, by car/bus or other organized transport). For further details regarding domestic travel look here.

Akureyri International Airport is the only international airport in North Iceland. The airport has scheduled flights to several locations in Iceland including Reykjavik in the South, Grimsey Island in North as well as Thorshofn and Vopnafjordur in the East. There is international scheduled flights to Greenland which is serviced by Norlandair.
There are also many different international charter flights on offer from Akureyri throughout the year which are planned by local and foreign travel agencies/tour operators.
Currently (year 2022) there are several operators flying directly - see top of page.

From Keflavík to Akureyri
You must take a bus or a car from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavik Domestic Airport and fly from there to Akureyri. There are different options to get between the Terminals (Keflavík and Reykjavik). You can take the Flybus, taxi or rent a car. It is about 45 minutes drive between the terminals and the flight to Akureyri with AirIceland to Akureyri is about 40 minutes www.icelandair.is/en. The domestic terminal is an easy going for domestic flights, check-in is aprox 45 min prior to departure and all handling is quick and easy.

Flights to Greenland from Akureyri 
Norlandair is operating a scheduled route to the east coast of Greenland from Akureyri. For bookings or more information visit www.norlandair.is/en/ or via phone +354 414 6960 (Norlandair).
Other important notes. The helicopter from Constable Point to Ittoqqortoormiit is booked seperately on Air Greenland‘s website www.airgreenland.dk

A ferry connection is available between Iceland and the European mainland. The ferry connects Denmark, The Faroe islands and the village Seydisfjordur in the East of Iceland. For further information visit: www.smyril-line.com.