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Tourist Information

Important information for tourists in Iceland about COVID-19

Information about Akureyri

For information about Akureyri it is best to visit our website www.visitakureyri.is/en where you can find information about restaurants, activities, excursions, events, interesting sights, hikes, accommodation, transportation and much more.

Brochures and maps are also available on the website (look here) and at the Akureyri Thermal Pool, the Municipal Library and the Akureyri Art Museum.

If you need information regarding North Iceland in general (look here) and if you are looking for information regarding busses to and from Akureyri you can call Strætó tel: (+354) 540 2700 or visit their website www.straeto.is/en

If you need assistance or have some questions regarding Akureyri you can also contact us by phone or e-mail:
Phone: (+354) 460 1000
E-mail: info@visitakureyri.is
Webpages:  www.visitakureyri.is   www.grimsey.is   www.hrisey.is
Facebook: Visit Akureyri
Instagram: Visit Akureyri

Note the Tourist Information Center in Hof Cultural Center has been closed since 1.st of February 2021. 

Travel Agencies & Day Tour Operators
See information on travel agencies in Akureyri here and local day tour and activity operators here.