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Before You Arrive

Accessibility for the disabled

Akureyri has adapted sidewalks that allow easy mobility for wheelchairs and other walking aids. Connecting public facilities (including museums) in town: they are designed an equipped accordingly. The main pedestrian crossing lights are equipped with sound signal for visually impaired. 

Public Accessible toilets can be found in the Cultural house Hof and in the Art Museum.

The free city buses are all wheelchair accessible. 
The taxis, on the other hand, don't have any adapted vehicle so far. Visitors that can enter a vehicle by their own hand are welcome, and the wheelchairs/walking aids are stored at the luggage compartment/trunk.
Only one of the local tour operators has a adapted vehicle for wheelchairs - with a lift. Suitable for up-to 3 chairs at the time.
Akurinn bus
Tel: (+354) 8450090
Email: akurinnbus@gmail.com

Phone access and coverage in Akureyri

Akureyri has good 4G/5G coverage and is under the European Union roaming regulations, like the rest of Iceland.

Sim cards can be purchased at the main phone operator stores situated inside Glerártorg Mall (Nova, Vodafone) and Ráðhústorg (Síminn). Gas station Olís on Glerargata is open 24h and also sells sim cards.

Wireless Network access

Wifi in Akureyri is available for guests in most services in town. Bars, restaurants, and tourist stores offer it. 
Free WiFi can be accessed at the public Library in Brekkugata, open on weekdays 10.00-19.00. For cruise ship visitors, the port authority offers complimentary WiFi both at the harbors Tangabryggja and Oddeyrarbryggja docks.


In Akureyri, as in the rest of Iceland and most of Europe, we use the standard Europlug socket with two round pongs, with current of 50 Hz/220 volts. Guests from outside the continent might need converters for the electricity outlets. 

For these plugs, you can use adapter types “C” or “F”. These are often labelled as a Northern Europe adapter. In Akureyri converters can be found e.g. at the major gas stations, Penninn Eymundsson bookstore downtown, Heimilistæki store at the mall Glerártorg, and hardware stores Byko and Husasmiðjan by road #1 north of Akureyri.

Postal Service

Akureyri Post Office
IS-600 Akureyri
Phone: (+354) 580 1200
Web: postur.is

The post office in Akureyri opening hours are Mondays-Thursdays 9:30-17:00 & Fridays 9.30-16.00, closed Weekends. Purchase of stamps, international postage of postcards, letters and parcels available, and a small souvenirs/giftshop as well.