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Getting Around in Akureyri




Taxi (BSO taxi station):
IS-600 Akureyri
Tel: +(354) 461 1010 / 461 1010
E-mail: bso.taxi@simnet.is
Website: www.bso.is

BSO - TAXI is the only taxi station in Akureyri. It is located in the town center and provides service to its customers 24 hours a day.  

Akureyri is an compact and easily accessible town with everything in a short distance. The airport is only 5 minutes drive outside the town center, the bus stop for buses driving to and from Akureyri is by the cultural house Hof and the cruise ship harbor is 5 minutes walk from the town center. The bus stop for all the local city buses is located between the town square and the taxi station.

City buses:
Note that when you have arrived in Akureyri all transportation with the city buses are for free. The bus schedule covers a time-frame from 6.28 am till 22.36 pm all weekdays and during weekends from 12.18 till 18.55. Exceptions are on public holidays, for further information see City buss time schedule.
All the city buses drive in circles that begin and end by the main stop in the city center ("Miðbær" in the timetable), close by the town square and the taxi station. Each circle take 30 to 50 minutes depending on the route.

Private Cars - Parking & The Time-Clock System: 
Parking in Akureyri is free of charge, but you can only stay for short amounts of time between 10 am and 16 pm on work days in Downtown Area (see map). Parking areas have maximum parking times displayed. You must indicate the time of arrival in your windshield/dashboard and if you exceed the maximum parking (or try to cheat by setting the clock ahead of the actual time) you run the risk of a fine. Value of the fine in 2019 is 3090 isk.

How to indicate the time of arrival? Any piece of paper with clear writing will do, but clock-cards are available for free in banks, info-centers, hotels, petrol-stations and many shops in Akureyri.
The Downtown Area parking allowance ranges from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.
For fine appeal applications, here.


Toll Tunnel on Road number 1 (East of Akureyri)
To pay for the tunnel you have two options: register your vehicle license plate or pay for a single trip at www.tunnel.is 

If you register your vehicle the toll will be automatically charged to your card every time you drive through the tunnel. Setting up an account is free of charge. 

If you pay for a single trip is possible to buy it 24 hours before and up to/but no later than three hours after traveling through the tunnel. If you go back and forth you need to buy 2 trips. Trips can not be refunded.

In both cases, if no action is taken to pay for the tunnel or if a car goes through the tunnel after the 3 hours the toll charge will be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

*Please, be aware that the owners of the rental cars are the rental car companies which may add a handling fee to the toll if they receive your unpaid bill* 

You can find further information online https://www.veggjald.is/en and contact the help desk Monday-Friday from 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 at info@tunnel.is or by phone +354 464 1790 

Transport to the islands Hrísey and Grímsey
(they are a part of the Municipality of Akureyri)
For information on ferry and flights to the islands.