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Islands Hrísey & Grímsey

To travel to the two islands that are a part of the municipality of Akureyri, public transport is available all year. With scheduled ferry's as well as a scheduled flight to the island of Grímsey. 

  • To the island Hrísey
    Bus: Scheduled bus between Akureyri and Árskógssandur, which is the harbour village for the ferry to Hrísey. For more information see bus-timetable (under Akureyri - Dalvík - Ólafsfjörður - Siglufjörður and vice versa). Please note that the bus does not drive down to the village so passengers need to walk approx. 2 km down to the ferry harbor.

    Ferry: A ferry links the village Árskógssandur and Hrísey on daily basis (whole year). Up to 9 departures are offered daily - all year. 
    Note that the first and last departure during weekends must be pre-booked. For more information visit time table for ferry to Hrísey.Flight: A small airstripe is on Hrísey, no scheduled flight are available but small air-plains can land on the island.

    More information on Hrísey can be found here.

  • To the island Grímsey
    Airplane: The airline Norlandair offers scheduled flight to the northernmost point in Iceland, Grímsey.  Flights are offered 3 times a week except daily during parts of the summer. Norlandair also offers different sightseeing flights in cooperation with the airline Mýflug and also the airline Circle Air.

    Ferry: It is possible to take a scheduled ferry to Grímsey.  A ferry departs from Dalvík  (45 km from Akureyri) to Grímsey, the whole year. For timetable visit the website for the ferry to Grímsey. For bus transport between Akureyri and Dalvík visit here.
    The sailing takes about 3 hours (each way). During winter the ferry stops for 2 hours in the island. During summer the ferry stops for about 4 hours except on Thursdays - only 2 hours. For details visit here
    To book the ferry online please visit the Sæfari Ferry website. Tickets and sightseeing in Grímsey can also be bought through Arctic Trip in Grimsey and Nonni Travel in Akureyri.

    More information on Grímsey can be found here.