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Why Akureyri

One of Akureyri's many advantages is how short it is between places and how quickly all services can be accessed.
It is convenient to be able to access most of the services on foot (hotel, restaurants, conference location and stores) as it is mostly located downtown, besides how environmentally friendly it is. If you need to access something outside of the center - one can always hop on one of the city buses which are free -  and there is also a good taxi rank in town.

The population is just around 20,000, but the service is on par with the best in cities of multiple size. Therefore, you can say that Akureyri is like a tiny city with a huge heart. Basic services in the field of health and education are reliable and good. Recreational options are extremely diverse with a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, theater and museums, one of the best ski areas in the country and great geothermal pools, outdoor recreation areas and all the great natural gems of the North East Iceland within easy reach.
The people of Akureyri are proud of their town. They put a lot of effort into an way of life and, are leading regarding waste sorting and green solutions in Iceland. 

Why Akureyri?

  • Short between places
  • Countless entertainment options
  • Reliable and good service
  • Excellent facilities for holding meetings and conferences
  • Environmentally friendly society
  • Always good weather ;-)