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Parking & payments

Parking zones
There are two parking zones in the center of Akureyri, P1 and P2.  The charging hours are the same in both parking zones, Monday-Friday 10:00 - 16:00.
Overview of Parking areas & Pay Zones - look here

Temporary parking zones: Within parking zone P1 and P2, there are marked areas, parallel to streets, where the maximum parking time is 2 hours. These temporary parking zones are marked with street signs stating the maximum time.

Parking fee & payments
Charge for each hour is ISK 200 in parking zone P1 and ISK 100 in parking zone P2 (year 2023).
The easiest way to pay for parking is by mobile app. EasyPark (www.easypark.is) and Parka (www.parka.is) offer such services in Akureyri. 

Three pay stations are located in the center of Akureyri, at Skipagata, Túngata and Gilsbakkavegur. Parking zones P1 and P2 (all day and 2-hour zones) can be paid for in all three pay stations.
For further instructions regarding the apps, payments and more - look here

Green parking spaces & electric charging stations
Green parking spaces and electric charging stations are parking spaces for cars that run only on environmentally friendly energy sources, such as electricity, hydrogen or methane. These vehicles may park in green parking spaces marked with a special sign. If green parking spaces are located within a paid parking zone, they are chargeable.

Electric charging stations within a paid parking zone are also chargeable. In general, a car must not be parked in an electric charging station for longer than it takes to fully charge the car.

Parking fines and violation fines (according to year 2022)
There are two types of parking violation charges. The first is the extra parking fines that are imposed on vehicles if the use of paid parking space has not been paid for or has been paid for too short a time.
This fine (commonly referred to as parking ticket) is ISK 3,090. If paid within three working days from the issue date, a 33% discount applies and the amount is ISK 2,071. If the fine is not paid 14 days after the issue date, it goes up by 50%, from ISK 3,090 to ISK 4,635
The other is parking violation fines that are imposed on vehicles that are parked illegally according to traffic regulations offenses.
A parking violation fine is imposed on a car when it is stopped or parked in a marked no parking zone, stopped on the sidewalk, parked on the left side of the street (facing against the direction of traffic) or in other circumstances, according to Article 109 of the Traffic laws no. 77/2019. The fine is now ISK 20,000, but after deducting a 33% discount (if paid within three working days from the issue date), it is ISK 13,400. If the fee is not paid 14 days after the issue date, it increases by 50% to ISK 30,000.

A party may request justification for the decision of an imposition of a fine. A request for justification shall be submitted within 14 days from issue date of the fine. The request will be replied to within 14 days of receipt.

A party has the right to request an appeal within 28 days from the date of the imposition. The general processing time is one to two weeks. Here is a link to the appeal form.