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Bonfire and fireworks on New Year’s Eve

The annual bonfire on New Year’s Eve in Akureyri will take place by Réttarhvammur, just above the town by the road to Mt. Hlíðarfjall. The bonfire starts at 20.30 and the fireworks about 21.10

Activities and opening hours during the holidays

It is getting increasingly popular to spend the Christmas holidays in Iceland - as well as the New Year's Eve. The month of December is the darkest time of the year in Iceland, but thanks to the snow and the Christmas lights and even the Northern lights that dance a cross the sky, this month turns out to be one of the more fascinating time of the year.

Enjoy the holidays in Akureyri

In Akureyri we have many guests from abroad for Christmas and New Year´s Eve. Here is a warm holiday greeting to you from the Mayor of Akureyri.

Winter solstice

To day is winter solstice. The longest night of the year and the shortest day - in Grímsey which is Iceland's northernmost part - it is only about 2 hours daylight.

Winter Magic

The last 1.5 week it has been snowing a lot and the town has been turned into a dreamlike fairyland.

Ski season begins

The ski center in Mt. Hlíðarfjall above Akureyri opens to day 19th of December at 16.00

The storm is over

The storm is over and things are slowly turning back to normal again. Children are back in school, streets are getting cleared of snow and town buses are up and running as well as the air-traffic.

Town decorated

The town has been decorated for the coming holiday season.

Christmas tree

The town has been decorated for the coming Christmas season and on Saturday 23rd November the big Christmas tree on the towns square, will be lit at 16.00.

Sunny November

Beautiful sunny days - but a bit cold. At this time of year the sun stays low on the horizon.