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Merchants Weekend

Verslunarmannahelgi or Merchants Weekend is celebrated 28th July to 1st August all over Iceland.

Hop on and Hop off

Hop on and Hop off bus is driving on regular basis between the main sights in town during cruise ship days.

Hrísey festival

The Annual Hrísey festival begins today - on the small island Hrísey

The old town

In the old town of Akureyri or Innbærinn as we locals call the area, one can find plenty of nice phot spots

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is today 21st of June. This is the peak of Iceland's midnight sun.

The National Day

The National Day of Iceland was celebrated yesterday - 17th of June on a bit cloudy day

Fishermen's Day

Fishermen's Day is an event dedicated to Iceland’s seamen, called Sjómannadagur in Icelandic. This is an annual event that commemorates Iceland’s seafaring culture and sailors. The celebration traditionally take place on the first Sunday in June.