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The Beer spa

The Beer spa will open in June 2017 at Árskógssandur.

A! Performance Festival

A! Is a four-day performance festival, now held for the fourth time. The festival is a collaboration between Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri Culture Society, Akureyri Theatre, LÓKAL International Theatre Festival, Reykjavík Dance Festival and Icelandic Art Center.


Lemon is restaurant with healthy style sandwiches and juices made with fresh ingredients.


Restaurant with main focus on salads, jucies and healthy food.

Sæluhús Hrísey

The house is placed in an beautiful island not far from Akureyri and has a great view over to the sea and up in the mountains. It's a quiet and a friendly place where family and friends can have a wonderful time together. A restaurant is near by and an grocery store.

R5-Beer Lounge

Great selection of local beer and whiskey from all over the world. The bar is located in the town center by Ráðhústorg square.


Sjangæ is a Chinese restaurant located right in the town center.

Nanna Seafood Restaurant

Nanna Seafood Restaurant is located in Hof Culture House on the 2nd floor. The restaurant focuses on seafood and is open Thursday-Saturday.