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Sigurhæðir - Memorial house

The beautiful house below the church is a Memorial house of Matthías Jochumsson. He was an Icelandic clergyman, a poet and wrote playwrights. He is best known for his lyrical poetry and for writing the national anthem of Iceland, "Lofsöngur", in 1874.


Each season has it's charm. At this time of year we have less daylight but the tones of light in the beginning and end of the day are just soooo soft . The view of the fjord towards Mt. Kaldbakur

Pink October

October has become the international Breast Cancer Awareness month and countless Icelandic companies and products are decorated with the pink ribbon, coloured pink or sold with a promise that a portion of the total cost be donated to the Icelandic Cancer Society.

The tractors in Hrísey

In the island Hrísey tractors are a common sight on the streets of the village both as means of transport for people and goods.


Goðafoss is one of the most impressive and popular falls to visit in Iceland. The waterfall received it's name "the falls of the Gods" when Iceland became christian in the year 1000 when statues of the heathen gods were thrown into the falls to express the change in religion.

Breathtaking Dettifoss

There are many breathtaking waterfalls to choose from in North of Iceland and Dettifoss is definitely the most impressive one, carrying the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe and falling some 45 meters into a huge canyon.

Gil Coffee Shop

Gil is located in the Art Street/Listagilið, specifically in the Akureyri Art Museum. We focus on high quality coffee and tea. Soup of the day is available every day exept sundays. Homemade cakes, glutenfree sandwishes, and other sweet treats are served all day. In our café you will find beautiful books about art and culture among all kinds of magazines in a relaxed atmosphere.

Kjarnaskógur woodland area

South of Akureyri is one of the towns most popular outdoor areas - the woodland Kjarnaskogur. The recreational area is approx 600ha with more than 1 million trees of many species planted within the last 50 years.

Autumn Sheep and Horse roundups (réttir)

Early September is the time for all the sheep scattered in the Icelandic nature to be gathered together and sent to their respective farms: this roundups are charged with tradition and reunite farmers, friends and visitors on a day where the sheep or the horse are the protagonists.