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Spring bringer

Iceland’s favorite bird the golden plover (heiðlóa or lóa in icelandic).

Arctic Tern

The first arctic terns of the season were spotted in Grímsey island, by the Arctic Circle, earlier this week.

Happy Summer!

Today is the First Day of Summer in Iceland which is a public holiday and an Icelandic flag day.

Grímsey ferry for maintenance

Passenger services will be handled by scheduled flights and number of departures increased from three to four per week.

Extended openinghours

It has been decided to extend the opening hours in Mt. Hlíðarfjall ski area and Akureyri's geothermal pool in the run-up to Easter and during the Easter

Trail Run Súlur Vertical

Four race distances 19km, 29km (1 ITRA point), 43 km (2 ITRA points) and 100 km (4 ITRA points).

Winter Holiday in Schools

In February most schools in Iceland have a winter break. Akureyri is a popular destination during these holidays. Families come to Akureyri for skiing, for a swim and a slide in Akureyri geothermal pool or to enjoy good food and relaxation in the winter scenery. Most schools are on winter holiday from 22 - 26. February 2023

Nacreous clouds

This special phenomenon occurs mainly at high latitudes during the winter when temperatures in the stratosphere fall below the frost point.