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It is spring. Most of the snow in town has melted, migrating birds have arrived in big numbers and flowers are starting to bloom both inside and outside in the botanical garden

Spring preperations

Activity in the small boat area is increasing after a more quiet wintertime.

Long bright days

Days are already loooong on Grímsey island by the Arctic Circle, about 15 hours and 39 minutes.

Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

Today Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Iceland, celebrates her 90th birthday. This summer there are 40 years since she was elected president of Iceland – the world’s first democratically elected female head of state

Easter weather was awesome

The Easter holidays this year were enjoyed at home/locally. A lot of people embraced the outdoors as weather treated us well. Nature/space is plentiful

Wishing you all the best for Easter

This sunset photo was taken last Thursday at 22.00. Days are getting longer day by day. Now sunrise is around 6 AM and sunset around 9 PM.

Regular as clockwork

Migratory birds are flocking to their summer breeding grounds in Iceland, and puffins arrival is almost the same each year, i.e. around 10th of April.

The spring bringer

The golden plovers (heiðlóa or lóa in icelandic) arrived yesterday. It is without doubt one of the most loved birds here on Iceland.

Snow figures of all kinds

In times of social distancing many families choose to be on the safe side and spend time outside in the gardens with their kids.

Icelandic horses warm winter coat

The Icelandic horse originally arrived to Iceland aboard Viking ships of Norse settlers sometime between 860 and 935 AD. Here it remained in isolation from other breeds and adapted to cold climates e.g. with a double layered coat which keeps them warm in harsh weather.