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Family festival „EIN MEÐ ÖLLU“ & Iceland Summer Games

During the „verslunarmannahelgi“, the Merchants‘ Weekend, the town of Akureyri hosts the event "Ein með Öllu" family festival: where live music, tivoli and different performances fill up the streets of Akureyri together with sportevents on the Iceland Summer Games.

Glerá River

Glerá River runs through the town of Akureyri, mostly through a steep canyon. The river is flanked by walking trails for a taste of urban nature. The river originates from glaciers in the mountains of Tröllaskagi peninsula but also draws water from some fresh water springs on its way down the Glerá Valley. At the point where the river reaches the sea at the fjord Eyjafjörður it has formed the sandbank named “Oddeyri” - housing one of the town’s oldest districts.

Lava Apartment Hotel

Exceptional, high quality newly renovated apartments & rooms with a high class beds and cosy atmosphere located in Akureyri town central. Lava Apartments Hotel is a friendly apartment hotel with a fantastic location at the heart of the city center.

Guesthouse Gullsól Grímsey

The Guesthouse Gullsól is located on a hill overlooking the village and the harbour. In the basement below the guesthouse is the smallest café run in Iceland and a gallery, selling handicrafts made by local people as well as Icelandic souvenirs.

Verbúðin 66 Hrísey

A small, family run restaurant with a fusion of traditional and international cuisine. Catch of the day, straight from the pier as well as Burgers, cakes and coffee. The restaurant is open daily during the summertime and upon request during other season.

Glerá Apartments

Glerá is located just above Akureyri, only 3,5 km from the town's center in quiet countryside surroundings. Excellent location for groups from 4 to 20 persons.


Wide open is all about walking, nature and exploring new horizons away from the crowd. During the winter, when the fjord is covered in snow, we put on our snowshoes and enter the frozen landscapes around Akureyri.

Græni hatturinn

Græni hatturinn in one of the most popular concert venue in the country as it offers a varied and ambitious program all year round.

Our Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse is located in the town center, close to the main street, restaurants and shops. Guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen and coffee/tea is included.

Berlín breakfast and coffee shop

Small breakfast and coffee shop central Akureyri. Serving breakfast every morning and brunch during weekends. Every weekday there will be served todays special course.