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Christmas greetings from Akureyri

For those visiting us during the holidays you can find an overview of activities, restaurants and opening hours during Christmas and New Year

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight in the whole year

Laufás farm

The traditional old Icelandic farmhouses are characterized by turf walls and sod roofs and were the common way of housing until around 1930.

A warm November

November has been one of the warmest in Iceland in many years, in Akureyri it has been 4 degrees warmer than the average

Cosy Days

The event "Cozy days" start today and last until Sunday.

Great gift

This weekend it was given a Baptismal font, made by an 95 years old carpenter in Akureyri who started the work as soon as he heard about the fire last year.

Art Wall

A cloudy day. Visitors were about to cross the street by Strandgata 17 but that building has an art-wall, which currently displays an art by the artist Úlfur Logason. The name of the artwork is Dárafley.