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The Arctic Circle is constantly moving

Yesterday, the work of art ORBIS et GLOBUS was placed on the Arctic Circle on the island of Grímsey, the northernmost part of Iceland. As you know, the Arctic Circle is constantly moving.
The work was inaugurated in Grímsey in 2017 and is a sphere with a diameter of 3 meters and weighing about 8 tons.
The authors of the work are Kristinn E. Hrafnsson, artist, and Steve Christer, architect at Studio Granda. The idea behind the work is that the sphere will move in accordance with the movements of the Arctic Circle until it leaves the island around 2047.
The location of the work this year is on the high island, where there is a good view north to the northernmost part of the island, the so-called Fótur, and also down to Básavíkin, impressive bird cliffs that are buzzing with life all year round.
Below, you can see photos that Anne-Lise Stangenes took during the placement of the piece yesterday.