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Snowflake bread

Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir

Laufabrauð, also known as "leaf bread" or "snowflake bread," is a traditional Icelandic Christmas bread. It is thin, crispy, and its distinctive feature is the intricate patterns that are cut into the dough before frying, creating beautiful and delicate designs.

Making Laufabrauð is a special part of Icelandic Christmas traditions. Families often come together to prepare and cook the bread, creating a festive and communal atmosphere. The patterns can vary from simple geometric shapes to more elaborate designs, and each family may have its own unique patterns that are passed down through generations.

The Laufabrauð is often served with butter, smoked lamb, or other festive accompaniments. It is a cherished part of the holiday celebrations in Iceland and something for you to try at this time of the year.