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Bóndadagur is today

Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
"Bóndadagur," meaning "Farmers Day," is celebrated today. According to old traditions, on the morning of "Bóndadagur," the "bóndi" (farmer or husband) was supposed to welcome Þorri, which, in the old Icelandic calendar, marks the midpoint of winter.
The tradition dictated that the bóndi should go outside wearing only his shirt, with one leg of his trousers on and the other dragging behind him. He would then hop on one leg around his house, bidding Þorri welcome. This welcoming and celebration signaled that winter was coming to an end, or at least that only the second half remained.
Though this tradition is no longer observed, wives are still encouraged to be especially attentive on this day. They may give their husbands/spouses flowers or gifts, or make the day special with some good food and/or other memorable treats.