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Green Tips

Recycle your waste: In Akureyri you will have no problem sorting your waste. Most hotels have recycling bins and there are also a couple of recycling bins down-town. If you are staying for a longer period and perhaps in a private apartment is should also be no trouble for you to recycle. There are 11 recycling stations in Akureyri where you can bring your waste. It is best to pre-sort your waste before bringing it to the recycling station. See recycling stations here:

  • Glerártorg - shopping center
  • Krambúðin, Byggðavegur 98 - supermarket
  • Hagkaup, Hjalteyrargata - grocery store
  • Hrísalundur - grocery store
  • Krambúðin, Borgarbraut 1 - supermarket
  • Urðargil
  • Bónus, Kjarnagata 2 - grocery store
  • Ice-rink, Naustavegur 1
  • City hall, Geislagata 9
  • Bónus, Langholt 1 – grocery store
  • Sunnuhlíð - shopping center

Drink tap water: Icelandic water is one of the cleanest in the world and therefore completely safe to drink straight from the tap. You can get water for free anywhere in Iceland so make sure to always carry your water bottle with you. 

Reduce food waste: When eating at a hotel breakfast buffet it is easy to get tempted and take more than you can chew. To avoid food waste it is always better to refill your plate instead of taking too much. When eating out you can always ask for a doggie bag to take your leftovers with you back home.

Green transport: We recommend traveling around Akureyri by our free of charge local city buses. Akureyri has three biofuel-powered buses. See the bus schedule here