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Green Waste Management

It is very important to correctly separate used packaging and leftovers so that it can be processed correctly and turned into a new product or energy. Most hotels have recycling bins and there are also a couple of recycling bins down-town. Furthermore, there are 11 recycling stations in Akureyri where you can drop off your sorted waste. The stations have containers for: plastic packaging, paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, small batteries, candle leftovers and used cooking oil. Find your nearest recycling station here.

  • Glerártorg - shopping center
  • Krambúðin, Byggðavegur 98 - supermarket
  • Hagkaup, Hjalteyrargata - grocery store
  • Hrísalundur - grocery store
  • Krambúðin, Borgarbraut 1 - supermarket
  • Urðargil – next to a power-substation
  • Bónus, Kjarnagata 2 - grocery store
  • Ice-rink, Naustavegur 1
  • City hall, Geislagata 9
  • Bónus, Langholt 1 - supermarket
  • Sunnuhlíð - shopping center 

In Iceland there is a deposit system for bottles and cans. Every plastic bottle of juice, water or soda as well as every can of beer or soft drink has a “pant” value. This value is what you pay in addition to a regular price when you buy a drink. However, you can get it back by recycling bottles/cans and bringing it back to the recycling station.  The pant value is 16ISK per bottle/can. This system has proven to be very efficient since the recycling rate of bottles and cans has been close to 90% ever since this system was implemented. The recycling stations for bottles and cans is at Furuvöllum 11, 600 Akureyri.