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Highlights of Akureyri

Akureyri has a lot to offer, below we list some of the many things we recommend our guests to do while in Akureyri. 

    • The Botanic Garden – most of the Icelandic flora as well as about 7000 foreign plants.
    • The Art Museum and Art Street
    • Sundlaug Akureyrar –Two outdoor geothermal swimming pools, hot tubs, play areas and water slides.
    • Whale watching from the pier below center of town
    • Restaurants – promoting local food
    • Kjarnaskógur – wood, trails and playgrounds
    • The old town – old houses and museums
    • Golf course - The northern most 18-hole golf course and the competition “Arctic Open”
    • Glerárgil – canyon and trails
    • Hrísey – small island, village, culture and trails
    • Akureyri Town Festival - end of August each year
    • Beer from Víking/Einstök and Kaldi - Local breweries
    • Ice-cream – locals' favourite in the store Brynja
    • Akureyrarkirkja - church, design and interior
    • Hlíðarfjall - The best skiing area in the country
    • The hidden world of Akureyri - hidden beings, elves and dwarfs
    • The Arctic Circle in the island Grímsey (25 min flight from Akureyri or three hour ferry ride from Dalvík)
    • Green areas, playgrounds and nature walks in Akureyri
    • And fore those wanting to have a looking for daytours from Akureyri look here


Akureyri in general

Akureyri is situated in north-east Iceland, in one of the longest fjords in the country and is surrounded by mountains reaching 1000-1500 m. The Arctic Circle in only 60 km north of Akureyri but still the climate is mild, with summer temperatures up to 25°C and winter temperatures in average around 0˚C.

Akureyri is the second largest urban area after the capital area of Reykjavík, with a population of about 20.000. Akureyri is the centre of trade and services in northern Iceland. It is also a town of culture and education, building on a firm foundation.

Akureyri is a popular tourist destination for short or long visits. The town offers a wide range of activities and interesting places e.g. notable museums, the world's most northerly botanic garden, one of Iceland's most popular swimming facilities, 18-hole golf course, the best skiing area in the country, good hiking trails and free city bus. Our guests can choose between varied accommodation and excellent range of restaurants, some of which specialize in local food.

The town is also a good base for many of Iceland's most beautiful natural wonders as waterfalls, volcanic areas and canyons as well as exciting activities as river rafting, hiking, fishing, whale watching and horse riding.

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