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A swim by the Arctic Circle

Photo: Anna María Sigvaldadóttir
Photo: Anna María Sigvaldadóttir

Visiting the local pool is a must in Iceland, so don't forget to bring your bathing suit!
The pools in Iceland are more than a place to go for a swim. They are a part of life for Icelanders of all ages. No matter the time of year, or how small or remote the town is, you can almost guarantee you will find a local pool to enjoy. A visit to the swimming pools is a great way to experience the local culture.

Of cause Grímsey has it's own swimming pool too.

Most pools and houses in Iceland are heated with geothermal water but as Grímsey has no such resources, they use the cooling water from the diesel generator that produces the Electricity in the island to heat the water in the pool. Most pools in Iceland are outdoor pools too but in Grímsey it is a indoor pool. The pool was just renovated this spring, here workers are giving it a new coat of paint. Photo: Anna María Sigvaldadóttir