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"Bun Day"

"Happy Bolludagur! 🇮🇸
Today in Iceland, we celebrate Bun Day by devouring these heavenly cream-filled buns. It's the perfect pre-Lenten treat! 😋

Bolludagur, also known as Bun Day, is an Icelandic tradition that is celebrated on the Monday before Lent. It is a part of the larger pre-Lenten festivities that lead up to the Christian season of Lent. The word "Bolludagur" literally translates to "Bun Day" in English.

On Bolludagur, Icelanders indulge in a sweet treat called "bollur," which are cream-filled buns. These buns are often topped with chocolate or icing, making them a delicious and festive treat. The tradition involves enjoying these sweet buns with family and friends.

The significance of Bolludagur lies in its association with the period preceding Lent. Lent is a time of reflection, fasting, and preparation for Easter in many Christian traditions. Bolludagur, along with other pre-Lenten celebrations, provides an opportunity for people to enjoy some indulgent treats before the more restrained period of Lent begins.