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Bursting Day

Sprengidagur, or Bursting Day, is an Icelandic tradition that falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, marking the end of the pre-Lenten festivities. It is part of the Shrovetide celebrations, a period of merrymaking and indulgence before the solemn season of Lent begins.

The name "Sprengidagur" is derived from the Icelandic word "sprengja," meaning to burst or explode. Traditionally, the day is associated with eating to the point of bursting, symbolizing a last day of feasting before the fasting and reflection of Lent.

On Sprengidagur, people often consume a hearty and rich meal, typically featuring salted meat and peas, known as "saltkjöt og baunir" in Icelandic. The meal is meant to be filling and satisfying, aligning with the theme of indulgence before the Lenten period of restraint.

While Sprengidagur is not as widely celebrated as some other Icelandic holidays, it is still acknowledged in various regions. The day encourages a festive atmosphere with shared meals and a focus on enjoying good food before the more contemplative season of Lent begins.