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Church in progress

Photo: Anna María Sigvaldadóttir
Photo: Anna María Sigvaldadóttir
Grímsey residents are dedicated in their commitment to complete the construction of the new Miðgarða Church, which is replacing the one that got destroyed in a fire in 2021, ensuring that the project moves forward without setbacks.

Earlier this week, a comprehensive inventory of all available materials was conducted, and the insulation of the church tower was successfully completed.

Volunteers, lending a helping hand under the guidance of foreman Herbert Hjálmarsson, have played a crucial indispensable role. Herbert, who has been involved in the project's planning and execution since last fall, directs the building efforts on the island.

Alfreð Garðarsson, the chairman of the parish committee, reports that the work is progressing well. There is optimism that, soon key milestones such as preparing the walls for wiring and cladding, floating the floor, and laying foundation stones under the altar will be achieved.