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Direct flights to Akureyri in 2023

Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir

Several companies are offering direct flights this year, enabling our guests to visit us in a easier, less timeconsuming and more unstressing manner.
Have a look at the options available.

* Niceair: Offers direct flights between Akureyri and Copenhagen (all year), and Alicante (April - October), Tenerife and more. For more information and booking visit: www.niceair.is

* Voigt Travel: Offers direct flights between Holland and Akureyri part of the year (summer and winter).
Summer 2023 the flights are once a week on Mondays from 5th June - 28th August. www.voigt-travel.nl

* Condor: The airline offers direct flights between Frankfurt in Germany to both Akureyri and Egilsstaðir, summer 2023. Flights are once a week, to and from Akureyri from 13th May - 28th October (Saturdays) and Egilsstaðir 16th May - 24th October (Tuesdays). For more info and booking check webpage Condor.com.

* Edelweiss: The airline offers direct flights between Zurich and Akureyri in July and August. The flights are once a week, to Akureyri on Fridays and back to Zurich on Saturdays. For more details and booking visit www.flyedelweiss.com