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Good autumn in Grímsey

Grímsey church. Photo Sigurður Henningsson
Grímsey church. Photo Sigurður Henningsson

The weather has been exceptionally good north of the Arctic Circle for the past few weeks—sunny and calm day after day. However, a bit of a weather storm is currently passing over the island.

Time has been utilized effectively, with significant construction work underway, including the new church. Progress has been made on the exterior, soil work, and pathways. Residents have volunteered to complete the church's roof, with the hope of finishing it this winter and commencing work on the church's interior. Those wishing to support the project can find more information on the Grímsey website: www.grimsey.is.

Recently, construction began on a new path from the village, extending north along the west coast of the island. The project, funded by the Tourist Destination Development Fund, aims to enhance safety, overall experience, and outdoor recreation opportunities for both residents and visitors.

At the port, electrical wiring has undergone renovations. While the ferry Sæfari was in maintenance for the past few days, it has now resumed its regular schedule, or as soon as the weather permits.

The population has seen a slight increase, with two houses that were originally holiday homes now occupied. These are individuals from Grímsey who had moved to Grindavík in the south of Iceland but have returned to their home region, at least temporarily due to the ongoing evacuation in the southwest corner caused by possible volcanic activity. It is anticipated that the population of Grímsey will further increase by the turn of the year, as families with children plan to move back. This may necessitate the reopening of the school in Grímsey.