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The fjord route - Longer ver.

Ideal route for those who want to cycle a long distance while staying on asphalt.

Just like the shorter version the route starts from the Hof, the cultural center, on the bike route next to the shore and head in the direction of the Fjord.

You'll pass the elementary school and neighbourhood of Hrafnagil and across the walkway to get on the "right side" to keep cycling into the fjord.
Cycle as far in the fjord until the asphalt road ends, which is near the lot Gullbrekka. From there you'll turn around and head back to Hrafnagil, when you reach the crossroad again near Hrafnagil, take a right turn to across the bridge.
Please note that the bridge is a single-lane bridge, so wait for cars to cross it first.

Continue uphill the slope (Laugalandsbrekka) and at the crossroad take a left turn on Eyjafjarðabraut nr.828 (North). At the waterlands, take a right turn uphill and then a left to go on Veigastaðavegur (nr.828). At the crossroad by Vaðlaheiðavegur (near Fagra- & Húsbrekka) take a left turn and head back to Akureyri and Hof.


Please note that the Wikiloc map is put in manually so it's fully accurate, but the route is approximately 100 km - if you take an extra detour in town.


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Further info

100 km (loop)

Difficulty: Light

Climb: 750 m

Trail type: Asphalt

Starting Point: Hof