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Claim your throne!

This cycle route has beauitful views over the town and stops at cute cabins.
The route "Claim your throne" will test your endurance and will become a challenge during the climbs while being partially off-road, but you'll have some hard-earned braggings rights after this route - truly claiming your cyclist throne!

Starting from the parking lot at the main path of Kjarnaskógur, the forest south of Akureyri, you'll follow the trail of Hvammskógur which will become very steep and when you have reached the little black cabin, enjoyed the view, you'll go down the old trail of Fálkafell.
Before heading downhill from Fálkafell, you'll see the white cabin of Fálkafell, on those crossroads follow the off-road bike trail which will lead to the parking lot at the end of Súluvegur ("Súluplan"). From the parking lot you'll head to the old bridge across the Glerá canyon and from there head to Hlíðarfjall and the cross-country ski cabin ("Gönguskíðaskálinn").


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Further info

Length: 15 km (Singletrack)

Difficulty: Challenging

Climb: 400 m

Start & end point: Main path of Kjarnaskógur -> Cross-country skiing cabin Gönguskíðaskáli

Bike type: Downhill (DH), All Mountain (AM) & Dirt-Jumpng (DJ)