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This route is ideal if you have young cyclists in-training or just want to go for an easy ride along the sea and through Oddeyrin, one of the oldest neighbourhood of Akureyri, with it's charming houses and the sunning view of Eyjafjörður fjord along with the sea breeze.

Starting at the town square (Ráðhústorg), you'll cycle east towards the sea. On your right you will pass Hof (The cultural center).
After you crossed the bridge you'll take a left turn into the quiet residential neighbourhood, then you take a left turn on Eiðsvallagata and from there you go across the pedestrian-path on Glerárgata. Pass the town hall and you'll be right back at the town square!



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Further info

Length: 1,9 km (Loop)

Difficulty: Easy (Family-friendly)

Trail type: Street / Asphalt

Climb: 21 m

Start & End point: Town square

Bike types: Street, racer, electric & hybrid