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A fun pumptrack located on Oddeyrarskóli's schoolyard. The track is open for various wheel-users such as skateboards, rollerblades/skates, scooters and bicycles. The purpose of pumptrack is that every bump will generate some momentum with the roller's up-and-down body movements or "pumping" their speed, so instead of actually pedaling or pushing you can maximum your fun that way.

To avoid accidents, please follow these rules:

1. Use a helmet, always.

2. Be polite and take turns on the pumptrack.

3. If there are many using at once, then it's good to split between types of wheels or speed (f.ex. skateboards together, bikes together...)

4. Show the beginners how it's done - so everyone can be faster!

5. Don't stop on the track. If you see someone stopping then get off the track to avoid crashing or forming a queue.

6. Don't stand on the track.

7. Don't walk or go across the track. Don't stand inside the circle.


Further info


  • Use a helmetþ
  • Don't stop on the track.
  • Don't walk on the track. 
  • Not designed for electric devices.
  • Stand outside the track, not inside it.

Wheel types: Bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades & skates.