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The Donald

Who doesn't love a beautiful view and an exciting bike route?
At Hlíðarfjall there are multiple routes but "The Donald" (Andrés) is the most popular one, it's both beginner-friendly and exciting enough for the advanced cyclists with various tracks for jumping - made by the cycling club of Akureyri.
No need to exhaust yourself by cycling uphill, just take the chairlift Fjarkinn* and enjoy the ride downhill.

*The skilift, Fjarkinn, is open for cyclists from 15th of July until the 5th of September.
For more information regarding opening hours and ticket prices, visit their official website hlidarfjall.is.



Andrés on Trailforks.com


Further info

Length: 1.7 km

Difficulty: Medium

Climb: 10 m

Start & End point: Fjarkinn, the skilift -> Strýta, the ski cabin

Bike type: DH, AM, Fat