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Guesthouse Básar – Grímsey island

Guesthouse Básar
IS-611 Grímsey
Phone: (+354) 467 3103
E-mail: basar@visir.is
Website: gistiheimilidbasar.is

The guesthouse has 8 rooms, all double with either made-up beds or sleeping bag accommodation with or with-out breakfast.  Dinner is upon request. One room is available for disabled guests.  A shared kitchen, living room, bathrooms and laundry facilities are available for guests.  
The guesthouse is located close to the Arctic Circle and the tiny airport in Grímsey.
Open all year.

Note! Pets are not allowed on the island.


Further info

E-mail: basar@visir.is
Website: gistiheimilidbasar.is