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Hrimland Cottages

IS-600 Akureyri
Phone: (+354) 866 2696 
E-mail: hrimland@hrimland.is
Website:  www.hrimland.is

The Cottages are located in the middle between the town center and Mt. Hliðarfjall ski center, along the road to Hlidarfjall.  The cottages are over-viewing the town and the fjord Eyjafjordur.

All Cottages are equipped with all modern comforts like flat-screen TV, 4G internet, Radio, CD player as well as small children bed and chair, gas BBQ and of course a private hot tub. Three bedrooms are in each house, two master bedrooms and one bunk bedroom for kids. In total 8 people can stay in the cottages.
The roomy bathroom is equipped with a large shower and laundry facilities with washer and a dryer.
All safety regulation are fullfilled and in each cottage their is a fire extinguishers, fire carpet and smoke detector.


Further info

E-mail: hrimland@hrimland.is
Website:  www.hrimland.is