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Half-day Tours


Hrísey pearl of Eyjafjörður 3 to 5 hours
A drive to Árskógssandur (30 min) and a ferry over to Hrísey island (15 min). Out on the island, enjoy a tour of the island either on foot accompanied by a guide or on a tractor tour with a wagon. The tour can be combined with a delicious meal - local food style, a visit to the house of the local historical legend Shark Jörundur, a walk to mistical energy well or visit to one of the local companies. A stop by the Beer Spa can also be fitted into the program, with a soak into a beer bath or a hot tub and enjoy some refreshments, before heading back to Akureyri. The drive can also be exchanged to a boat ride to or from the island or the Beer Spa, including a whale watching along the way.

Sightseeing tour of Akureyri 2 to 3 hours
Take a drive around Akureyri town with a local guide.  Tours can vary but most include a stop at the old town and the Botanical Gardens, and some take the tour up to the ski center at Mt. Hlíðarfjall for a view of the town.
There are several museums that can be included in the tour e.g. the Museum of Art, the Aviation Museum, the Industrial Museum, the Motorcycle Museum and the Iceland Aviation Museum.
Visits to local companies can also be arranged like the local brewery Víkingbrugg.

Grímsey island 3 to 11 hours
There are scheduled flights between Grímsey and Akureyri and they can also be carted. The flights are in small planes that take about 19 passengers, the distance is about 90 km and the flight takes about 30 minutes. In Grímsey, we reccomend a guided walking tour that takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on those visiting. A boat toure can also be arrainged around the island.
At the restaurant Krían, delicious meals are offered, including seafood soup, local style, or delicious fresh fish straight from the local fishing boats.
It is also possible to sail to Grímsey from Dalvík. The drive to Dalvík from Akureyri takes about 40 minutes and the sailing to Grímsey takes about 3 hours each way and the stop on the island is up to 5 hours depending on the season.
Those visiting the island can buy a statement of having visited the Arctic Circle.

The Fjord Eyjafjörður 3-5 hours
In the countryside by Akureyri, one can enjoy a circle drive through lush countryside and one of Iceland's main agricultural regions. On the way several stops can be made:
* The Great white plague center, which has an interesting exhibition about the history of tuberculosis,
* The Christmas Garden, which is a beautiful little shop that specializes in Christmas goods in a beautiful setting.
* Holtsel invites to a tasty visit - to enjoy a home-made ice cream
* Grundarreitur - a small forest field
* Smámunasafnið, interesting museum feturing a collection which is not focused on one particular object, but rather a variety of strange articles that seemingly have no relationship to one another. Visitors here will appreciate such unconventional items as decorative doorways and windows, tiny nails and screws, tools and pencil sticks, keys and home furnishings.
* Saurbæjarkirkja - a small sod church above the Smámunasafnið museum
* The Bishop Jón Arasson, whose statue stands outside Munkaþverrá Church and learn about his history
* Enjoy refreshments at the country hotel Lambinn or stop by Hælin again and visit the cafe. 
* Refreshing bath at the Forest lagoon before returning to Akureyri

Godafoss and Laufás 4-5 hours
On the way east to Godafoss, one will pass the forest Vaglaskógur and the Ljósavatn lake. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, created by the glacial river Skjálfandafljót which flows down into the canyon and forms the fall. There are good hiking trails and viewing platforms beside the canyone on the way to the waterfall. On the return one can do another route, a drive through Dalsmynni and to the old turf farm Laufás, which is one of the best-preserved turf farms in the country. The farm is large and has many items to enjoy. Next to the farm is a church and also a service house and a café where one can enjoy a variety of local refreshments.

Sailing 1–4 hours
Many companies offer boat cruises of various kinds on the Eyjafjörður fjord. Whale watching is popular, but one can also gave organize sea angling, guided cruises or event's on the fjord. At the ocean in front of Akureyri, locally called "Pollurinn", other activities on sea can also be organized like surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks or rowboats.

Horseback riding 1-4 hours
There are several horse rentals in the area and you can go on horseback riding through varied terrain.

Winter sports 1-8 hours
Hlíðarfjall is one of the main ski areas in the country and from December until the end of April you can slide down the slopes of the mountain or go cross-country skiing in the adjacent area. Ski rentals and ski lessons are available for those who wish. Several other ski resorts are nearby, including Dalvík and Siglufjörður. Several operators are also offering snowmobiling- and snowcat tours. The snowcats go up Mt. Kaldbakur or Mt.  Múlahyrna, where one can enjoy a magnificent view in good weather. In Akureyri, the Skating Rink provides great oportunity to go ice skating, try curling or bandy. Skate rental is available on site. Several companies also offer snowshoe hikes, as well as dog sledding.

In Akureyri and the surrounding area you can find diverse and fun bathing places such as the Forest Lagoon (Skógarböðin), oposite the town, the Nature Baths in Mývatnsveit, the GeoSea sea baths in Húsavík, the Beer Spa at Kaldi in Árskógssandur village, the hot tubs at Átak healthcenter by Hof in Akureyri or take a dip in one of the swimming pools in the area, for example Akureyri Geothermal Pool.

Akureyri boasts diverse options within sports and outdoor activities, which is great for team building. This includes activities like shooting, curling in the Skating Hall, darts, archery, golf, SUP paddleboarding, schooner sailing, hiking etc.

Groups can take part in the diverse cultural life in Akureyri, go to exhibitions, theaters, concerts and much, much more in the Cultural & Conference house Hof, the Græni hatturinn concert venue and a number of other places, see also an overview and ideas on the events calendar of Akureyri town