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Full-day Tours

Mývatn 6-8 hrs
Visiting the Lake Mývatn area is a popular thing to do while visiting Akureyri. The area is about 1 hours drive from Akureyri. Tours include usualy a visit to the waterfall Goðafoss which is on the way to the lake. When in Mývatn tours go around the lake including stops at selected places. These include some or all of the following places: Skútustaðagígar, Dimmuborgir, Kálfaströnd, Hverfjall, Námaskarð, Víti, Krafla and the Nature Baths. Refreshments can be enjoyed in several places such as Vogafjós, Hotel Sel, Mývatn - Berjaya Iceland Hotel and Fosshotel.

The tour can be extend to include Dettifoss waterfall which is about 30 min drive from Mývatn, the waterfall is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe and very impressive to see. The tour can also be changed to be the route of the Diamond Circle, including stops at Mývatn, Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi, Hljóðaklettar and Húsavík, but this circle can be expected to take up to 10 hours and stops at each place would need to be limited.

Húsavík 6-7 hours
Drive to Húsavík town with a stop at Goðafoss. The drive is about 1 hour each way. In Húsavík one can go whale watching, a trip that takes about 3 hours, and some museums could be visited like the Whale museum, Húsavík museum and the Exploration museum. The town has several restaurants and the visit can be completed by a refreshing bath in Geo Sea on the hill just outside of town.

Siglufjörður 6-8
Drive to Siglufjörður through the town Dalvík, the tunnel Múlagöng, town Ólafsfjörður and the new tunnel Siglufjarðargöng, before reaching the town  of Siglufjörður. A total drive of about 1 hour. In Siglufjörður, the Herring Museum is visited, on can go kayaking in the fjord, visit the brewery Segul, vist one of the restaurants in town or the bakery. During winter go skiing.

This tour can be combined with a visit to Hrísey island, which is a 2 hours stop at a minimum, it can also include a stop by the folk museum Hvoll in Dalvík and visit to the Café Gísli, Eiríkur and Helgi in that same town or some of the other cafés or restaurants in town.

Diamond Ring 8-10 hours
The Diamond Circle is a ring road around the Northeast, featuring amazing natural gems and landscapes. The Diamond Circle has 5 key destinations, which are the historic and picturesque Goðafoss, the natural wonder of lake Mývatn area, the formidable white energy of Dettifoss which is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe, the natural wonder Ásbyrgi shaped like hooves and Húsavík, known for whale watching.

The Diamond ring offers more. You can experience the magical Vesturdalur valley, where you can find the peculiar Sound Cliffs; the lava fields around Krafla, the water heating area Hveri and the lava formations in Dimmuborgir.

The Diamond Ring is basically a 250-kilometer-long ring road that offers a wide range of possibilities and different configurations altogether depending on the time and wishes of the organizers.

Rafting 7-10 hrs
River rafting in the glacial rivers in the fjord Skagafjörður aprox 1 hrs drive from Akureyri is a popular activity for those seeking more adventurus and challeging experience. The tours are exhilerating and fun. Two companies provide river rafting opportunities in the area. Tours range in difficulty so there is someting to suit everyone, from first timers to seasoned rafters. Tours are normaly available from May to September.

Grímsey 3 to 11 hours
Fly to Grímsey from Akureyri, the tour is in small planes that take about 19 passengers and the flight takes about 30 min. In Grímsey guided hikes are offered which take from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the extent of the tour, it is also possible to arrange a cruise around the island.
The restaurant Krían offers delicious refreshments including locally styled seafood soup or delicacies directly from the sea.
It is also possible to sail to Grímsey from Dalvík. Driving to Dalvík takes about 40 min and the ferry to Grímsey takes about 3 hours each way and the stop in the island is up to 5 hours depending on the season. A diploma stating that visitors have crossed the Arctic Circle can be bought in the local stor in Gullsól. 

Winter sports 1-8 hours
Mt. Hlíðarfjall is one of Iceland's main ski resorts and from December to the end of April one can ski down the slopes of the mountain or go cross-country skiing in the adjacent area. The resort provides ski rental and ski lessons for those who wish. There are also other ski areas close by e.g. in Dalvík and Siglufjörður.
Several companies also offer snowcat or snowmobile tours. The snowcats go up Mt. Kaldbakur or Mt. Múlahyrna, where one can enjoy a magnificent view in good weather. In Akureyri, the Skating Rink provides great oportunity to go ice skating, try curling or bandy. Skate rental is available on site. Several companies also offer snowshoe hikes, as well as dog sledding.