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Hjalteyri is a small village on the western shores of Eyjafjörður. Until the early 20th century, this was one of the main hubs of the herring fishing industry, which began around 1890. When the herring disappeared around 1967 the old herring factory was closed and what once used to be vibrant and the biggest community by the fjord turned into a tiny quiet village.

Today the old herring factory host as a venue for art exhibitions. different workshops, smaller industries, and a diving centre. Hjalteyri boasts some of the most interesting diver areas in the World, as the famous hydrothermal chimneys are right offshore.
During summer whale watching is also offered from here.

Hjalteyri is a popular spot for a peaceful tour, stroll the beach, hike around the Hjateyri pond, enjoy the old colourful houses or visit a art exhibition as well as some of the activities on offer.

Further info

Google maps

65.850842, -18.194192 (65° 51.051'N, 18° 11.652'W)

Road Numbers:
1, 82 & 811

Distance from Akureyri:
24.5 km

Verksmiðjan Art Exhibitions
Strýtan Diving Centre