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Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

Aldeyjarfoss is a waterfall surrounded by unique basalt columns in the river Skjálfandafljót in the valley Bárðardalur.

The river Skjálfandafljót originates from the glaciers Vatnajökull and Tungnafellsjökull. It flows across the highland towards the north, covering a distance of about 180 km, on its way to Skjálfandi Bay. Making it the fourth longest river in Iceland.
On its way to the ocean it creates several beautiful waterfalls such as Goðafoss, Hrafnabjargafoss and Aldeyjarfoss.

Aldeyjarfoss is surrounded by lava "Bárðardalshraun" which is a part of a larger lava area called Ódáðahraun which was created about 9000 years ago.
The waterfall is approx. 20 meters high and falls through the lava field through a small passageway. The lava surrounding the falls have created beautiful basalt columns forms.
Above Aldeyjarfoss one can find furthermore waterfalls, Ingvararfoss is only a short distance to walk and to reach Hrafnabjargafoss one needs to walk about 5 km further upstream from Aldeyjarfoss.

To get to Aldeyjarfoss - follow the main route nr 1 to Bárðardalur, there one turns right and drives into the valley either along road 842 or 844. Just before reaching the last farm on the west side of the valley turn right onto mountain road F26 "Sprengisandur road" and after only about 4 km along that road turn left onto a small road leading to a parking. From the parking a track leads the way down a hill towards the lava field surrounding the waterfall.
Toilets are by the parking.

Note that the mountain road F26 is not serviced during winter and therefor get closed when it starts to snow. It is possible to walk from the main road (nr 842) which is approx. 8 km (roundtrip). Make sure always to close the gate by the beginning of the F26 road.

During winter we advise visitors to check the website of the The Icelandic Road Administration to see the condition of the road as well as the weather prognoses for the area by the Iceland Met Office before setting out for an adventure of the day.

Further info

Rout: Google maps

Position: 65.364291, -17.341099 (65° 21.857'N, 17° 20.466'W)
ISN93: 577.178, 541.626

Road numbers: 1 & nr 842 eða nr 844 & F26

Distance from Akureyri: 75 km