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Christmas Cat at the City Square

The origin of the Icelandic Christmas Cat is yet unkown but it is similar in many respects to foreign Christmas creatures in neighbouring countries.

The Nordic Christmas Goat is perhaps the creature which resambles the Christmas Cat the most. They both monitor people during the Christmas preparation and do bad things to those who do not get new clothes before Christmas. The Icelandic saying “don‘t let the Christmas Cat get you” is related to this myth and means that the Christmas Cat will come and eat those who do not get new clothes before Christmas. While there is also more gentler explanation of the expression which says that the Cat will only eat food from those who do not get new piece of clothing.

The Christmas Cat at Ráðhústorg City Square was unveiled on the 28th of November 2009 and is an artwork built by young people under the guidance of artist Aðalheiður Eysteinsdóttir.

The cat appears on the towns square on the Saturday before the first Sunday on the advent (at the end of November) and leaves on the 6th of January.