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Hrísey Island

Hús Hákarla - Jörundar (Tourist office)
Norðurvegur 3
IS - 630 Hrísey
Tel: (+354) 695 0077
Web: www.hrisey.is
Email: hrisey@hrisey.net

Hrísey is a peaceful island in the middle of Eyjafjörður. It is the second largest island in Iceland, after Heimaey in the south. The island is a well known paradise for bird watchers and the most abundant of all birds on the island is the ptarmigan. About 40 species of bird nest on the island. The northern part of Hrísey, is a privately owned nature reserve. Permission must be obtained from the landowner if you wish to pass through this area.

We recommend a walk along one of the 3 marked routes ranging from 2.3 km to 5 km (the routs take about 1 hour to 2.5 hours easy walk) or simply stroll through the village and visit the local museum or handicraft store. If you get hungry, visit the restaurant or the village's local store.

During summer one can enjoy a sightseeing tour of the island with a tractor. On the tractor tour, you sit in a cart pulled by a tractor through the village and surroundings. The guide informs about the island's and the village's history. Duration approximately 40 minutes.

There are about 150 inhabitants on the island, living in a trim fishing village with paved streets, tidy gardens and a view of the surrounding mountains which can be equalled by few. A ferry connects Hrísey with the mainland by the village of Ásskógssandur. The journey only takes about 15 minutes. The time schedule varies according to time of year, for further information on ferry schedule.

The offical webpage for Hrísey.

A brochure on Hrísey.

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Road description:

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GPS: 65.978772, -18.380282 (65° 58.726'N, 18° 22.817'W)

Road Number: 1, 82 & 808

Distance from Akureyri: 35 km plus 15 minutes with a ferry